All work places must be up to spec with and in line with current Health & Safety (HSE) Regulations. We can assist to make your workplace safe with bespoke warning, advice, Risk Assessment and Safety Signage. These can be supplied as Self Adhesive vinyl (SAV), 3 or 5mm Foamex Boards or 3mm Di-bond alloy composite boards. “FULL SAFETY INSPECTION OF YOUR BUSINESS PROPERTY BY APPOINTMENT”

We also offer a full fitting / installation service for all of your signage requirements. If you need any advice on this or require one of our trained staff to visit your site to advise how to make your business or company HSE compliant, please contact us.

REMEMBER – Even clear glass MUST have something such as an etch or frosting on them to so people do not walk into the glass panels.

For more information please call 020 8640 9527 or fill in the form below.


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